Meet the designer, Jeff

Jeff Porter, head refinisher and restoration expert, has 30 years of refinishing, repair and restoration experience. Furniture Solutions does an array of things: stripping furniture, full restoration, veneering, chair re-gluing, stain color matching, painting and repairs of all types. We work with Johnny Young, upholstery expert, with 40 years of experience. Jeff can take your antique or any piece of furniture and customize it to a contemporary look or keep the antique finish look you love. Jeff takes great pride in your furniture needs and will not stop until he can find the best solutions for your furniture.
Furniture Solutions has a new vision to maintain our expert skills, but also becoming more innovated. Jeff is expanding his expertise on a twist in modern art furniture design with the furniture being functional. These types of furniture designs take weeks of designing, building and finishing each piece. Jeff said “I am having the time of my life to be able to see the idea coming to life”. This is a hidden treasure in the Northland. Please take some time to see his modern art creations, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Feature in Northland Lifestyle:
September 2012
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